Trees can add beauty to your lawn, provide you with a shade, or even give you some additional sense of privacy. As years pass by, however, they grow old and their branches become dry or decay, leading to a potential risk for your family and property. In order to avoid any accident or damage, it’s time to hire a tree service expert to get rid of these unwanted branches, twigs, stumps, and even dead trees before they can harm you.

You might be asking yourself how to find the right tree company. Just go find them in the directory and call them to come and clean your area, right? Well, that might seem logical but ever heard about horror stories where someone paid more than they bargained for or was given such poor service than they paid for?

You can avoid these things and have a pleasant tree removal service experience whether you live in Peoria or any part of the country. All you need to do is look out for these things:


Avoid paying more than what was originally quoted to you by asking the tree service contractor a detailed breakdown of all the tasks they will be doing as well as the price of each task and the completion date. Make sure that you ask the contractor to put all of them in print so you have evidence of your agreement. Any trustworthy company will not hesitate in doing this so if the contractor refuses, chances are they are up to something fishy.


Two types of insurance that any reliable tree service company must have are proper liability and workers compensation insurance. The proper liability insurance ensures you that they will be able to cover any damage they might incur during the project. On the other hand, workers compensation ensures you that you won’t be held liable if one of their crew gets injured while working on your property.


How would you feel if you want a stump removed from your lawn but the tree company you hired didn’t have a stump grinding machine? That only means one thing – they won’t be able to efficiently do the job. That is why it is important that the tree service company you hire have the right equipment to do the job you called them for so they can do it satisfactorily.


Check out whether the employees or the company itself is licensed to operate in Arizona. Aside from operating illegally, the absence of a license can mean they have not the right skills nor know-how to do the job. You also need to check whether they have the proper training in tree removal or they can do more damage to your property than good.

In Parting

If you have any questions that are not included in the list, feel free to ask your tree service company about it. It is better to ask now than regret your decision later. Once you feel that all your concerns and questions have been addressed, no need to worry about the tree service professional you hired because you know that they can do the job well.